2 october 2018
The Arkhangelsk company Valma LLC has been operating in the regional market since 2008 and specializes in the execution of metalworking orders. With modern equipment, they perform milling works on machine tools with numerical control in three and four planes, provide plasma metal cutting services. Moreover, any materials are processed: titanium, ordinary and stainless steels, non-ferrous metals, plastic, etc.
We are talking with Pavel Yunitsyn, Deputy General Director of Valma LLC, about how a young production company managed to take this high level.
The Valma company fulfills orders of both small and medium-sized enterprises, including the Ship Repair Plant No. 176 of JSC CS of Zvezdochka and large enterprises such as Mezhregiontruboprovodstroy JSC (MRTS), for example. For this “giant,” as Pavel Yunitsin put it, “a lot of metal was cut, and mainly pipes.” Large and small vessels come here for cutting - for the technological production of this company the dimensions do not matter, since initially the guideline and the choice was made on expensive and high-tech equipment of American production, and it turned out to be correct. What some of the partners doubted and sometimes it came to disputes, in particular, with designers who did not believe in a successful outcome of the case, and in fact the “Valmists” were at the “height” - they did it, it turns out and it will turn out, because interests of business, business approach to cooperation, the honor and prestige of the company are above all.
Today Valma has two powerful machines for productivity: for plasma cutting HPR140XD and CNC milling. Nobody has such equipment in Arkhangelsk anymore. Pavel cited as an example the order of one of the Solombala enterprises, the “performer” of which could not be processed in one month, but on Valma it was completed in just two weeks.
It is curious that the company has only 10 employees. The levels of their basic knowledge and skills are different. For them it is enough to be able to switch on and correctly lay the material on the cutting machine. But there are personnel with a high level of competence, and this is justified - incorrect turning on the machine can cost the company from 200 thousand rubles to half a million.
The company's plans are not so much to expand the range of work performed, but rather to increase their manufacturability. “We will go to the orders of high technology and not by chance - we already have experience of such works. For example, the national innovation fund Skolkovo placed with us an order for the production of a number of parts and assemblies for the exoskeleton. We did it on time and with high quality. Moreover, some of the details of this complex technical means of rehabilitation were also reworked, because in the process of work, machining errors were revealed. In general, our task is not to drive volumes, but to produce a high-tech product, says Pavel and continues. - Initially, we concluded very good contracts for the supply of equipment from a good manufacturer, who has been engaged in plasma cutting for more than 20 years, and they have been producing high-quality machines, which have no analogues in Arkhangelsk. There are a lot of offers on the market then, in 2008, and today. We all studied, weighed, making the right choice in order to avoid subsequently problems of a different nature. And therefore, when on Thursday my machine broke down, on Monday the renewal part was delivered to us directly to the office. And so that there was no idle time and the production schedule was not disrupted, our fellow counterparts from the USA explained by phone how to reconnect the machine for a couple of days. We counted on this level of service, cooperation, starting a business 10 years ago. ”
According to the interlocutor, the period of the company's formation was stable, despite the series of economic crises. “The problem is not what the market situation is, but what you produce and how. If you are doing quite serious things, then - no problem, but only tasks. The main one for us is to search for customers outside the Arkhangelsk region: neither “Valma” nor our neighbors of the 176th SRZ, “Optimist” are ready to fulfill orders from other regions, because their potential allows us to reload the existing capacities ”, - Pavel Yunitsin added.

Press service of JSC of the Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation

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