Five new projects were taken to support
Five new projects were taken to support

Five new projects were taken to support

17 december 2017
A regular meeting of the project committee took place in te ARDC in late November for which six projects were submitted. Five of them were accepted to support by the ARDC.
Recall that the project committee includes both specialists of the ARDC, as well as representatives of the relevant ministries of the government of the Arkhangelsk region, municipalities and regional development institutions.
The main goal of the project committee is to accept a specific project for the company's escort. At the same time, it is assumed that some of the proposed business ideas / projects can be sent for revision or even rejected by the project committee for reasons that do not comply with the Charter of JSC ARDC. After the committee decides to accompany the project, specialists check the provided package of documents, conduct marketing research, if necessary, help to refine the business plan, search for a site for the production location, select investment proposals suitable for a particular project, etc.
So, at the end of November, the following announced projects were accepted for support:
- "Adaptive Swimming and Health Center for Children with Disabilities". The initiator of the project plans to open a hydro-rehabilitation center in Arkhangelsk. The Center's activities will be aimed at rehabilitation and  swimming skills instillation for children with cerebral palsy, mental retardation, speech and intellectual development, hearing / visual impairment, RAS / autism, and people with traumas of the musculoskeletal system. Currently, the construction is directly dependent on the compliance of the builders with the schedule, and sponsorship. At this stage, 80% of the work has already been completed. The initiators of the project are looking for additional sources of funding.
- The project "Inclusive Gym". The initiators intend to open in Arkhangelsk the first sports gym with an accessible environment on the terms of public-private partnership. It is assumed that athletes of the Center for the Adaptive Sports Development (60-70 people) will be able, on special conditions, to attend individual and group sessions at this site and improve their physical preparation for competitions of various levels. The social significance of the project is also to create more than 10 new jobs for the coaching staff and administrative staff.
- Project "Organization of production for breeding commercial fish of sturgeon and extraction of granular caviar". The initiator in Severodvinsk intends to organize a high-tech business for the sturgeon fishes cultivation in the amount of 90 tons per year and 4 tons of grained caviar on the basis of existing real estate facilities. The creators of the project are looking for additional sources of funding for its implementation.
- Project "Construction of a farm for 1584 milk cows". The initiator is going to build a farm in Ustyanskiy district with the cultivation of repair youngsters. In addition, at the next stage it is planned to build a feed mill. The project is aimed at expanding the existing production, provides for the construction and modernization of several buildings and structures that are part of the livestock complex. As a result, it is planned to reduce the cost of production and partially provide feed for the agricultural enterprises of the region.
In addition, a project involving the construction of a complex for the production of one of the alternative fuels in the interests of the objects of the housing and communal services and enterprises of the region was taken to support the KRAO.
The project "Multi-fuel destructive energy complex". After discussing the submitted application, the committee decided by majority to refuse to accompany it.


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