Peat and potatoes: two investment proposals from ARDC were approved in ARKHANGELSK REGION
Peat and potatoes: two investment proposals from ARDC were approved in ARKHANGELSK REGION

Peat and potatoes: two investment proposals from ARDC were approved in ARKHANGELSK REGION

28 june 2018

At the meeting of the Commission for Investment Policy and Competition Development in the Arkhangelsk region, which took place on June 26 in the Government of the region, two investment proposals were submitted from the Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation.

The investment proposals are designed to attract Russian and foreign business to the region in the region's still unoccupied niches.

"It is the first time when the investment proposals developed by the specialists of ARDC are being considered by the investment committee of the Arkhangelsk region. In the course of the work, we realized that there is a need for deeply developed documents that need to be broadcast on behalf of the region. All these proposals are based either on the existing potential of the region, or on those problems that can be facilitated by business. To date, there are five investment proposals in the work, two of which we brought to the commission already in the final form, "said Aleksei Kovalev, General Director of the Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation.

Instead of pellets - fuel from swamps

One of the investment proposals developed by ARDC specialists was a document entitled "Production of peat briquettes based on local raw materials".

The Arkhangelsk region has significant peat reserves, most of which are not used. So, out of 627 explored peat deposits, only three are available for use. At the same time, the peat processing market in the world is constantly growing. The use of this natural resource opens new opportunities for the development of the biofertilizer market, the production of fuel briquettes, and the creation of biochemical plants.

The Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation offers interested investors an already developed project for the extraction and processing of peat on the basis of the Bory field in the Primorsky district. The total volume of reserves is estimated at 3.5 million tons, while the field is only 8.5 kilometers from Arkhangelsk.

The estimated investment is 189 million rubles with a payback of 3-4 years.

Seed potatoes from the south of the Arkhangelsk region

Another investment proposal presented at the commission implies the creation of seed potato production in the region. Today, there is a steady demand for this type of product in this market. At the same time, according to ARDC experts, the southern districts of Pomorie, for example Kotlas district, can become a platform for the implementation of such a project.

A potential investor is offered a project to create a seed potato plant on an area of 208 hectares with the launch of sales three years after the start of its implementation. Investments are estimated at 162 million rubles, with a payback of 6.5 years.

Both investment proposals were approved by the commission, chaired by the governor of the Arkhangelsk region, Igor Orlov.

More information on investment proposals can be found on the website of the ARDC:

Press service of Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation JSC


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