Projects on greenhouse business and service sphere were accepted to support by ARDC
Projects on greenhouse business and service sphere were accepted to support by ARDC

Projects on greenhouse business and service sphere were accepted to support by ARDC

27 june 2018
The Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation for Development hosted a regular meeting of the project committee. Six initiatives were considered, of which three were taken for support.

Tasty and healthy vegetables
The project "Krasnoborsky Horticulturist" needs help in selecting financial instruments to attract investments in the amount of 1.2 million rubles. The funds are needed to purchase materials for the manufacture of greenhouses with heating and water supply.

The project goal is to create a greenhouse farm for growing vegetables of closed soil, greenery and flower sprouts. The initiator has competencies in this area, as well as the team. The project was accepted to support by ARDC.

Cafe and salt therapy room
Two more initiatives "Family Cafe in Kotlas" and "Salt therapy room" were also taken to support by ARDC.
The purpose of the first is the opening of a family non-alcoholic cafe with a barrier free environment, including for people with disabilities. The value of the project is in the development of public catering in the town of Kotlas in the Arkhangelsk region. Investments in the amount of two million rubles are needed to purchase equipment in the production department of cafes and equipment in the children's playroom.
The "Salt therapy room " project is a franchise that involves the use of unique patented technology and comprehensive support. The successful experience of the pilot site confirmed the high demand for this type of services in the region. The project initiator plans to expand the network of salt therapy room branches in order to enter a new level of business. The Corporation will assist the initiator in the selection of financial resources and the search for additional premises for the implementation of the project.

A House for Life
For consideration of the committee, the project "Construction of a multifamily residential building in the city of Nyandoma" was presented. The project for the 80-apartment apartment house construction passed state expertise, a building permit was obtained. The land is leased from the municipality. At the moment earthworks and engineering work have been completed. The initiator has experience in construction (two houses put into operation). There is the necessary equipment and personnel.
However, as it turned out in the course of communication with the initiator, the issue with the municipality of Nyandoma for purchasing housing for those in need of urban social programs was not worked out, and the financial component and the marketing part were poorly worked out. It was unanimously decided to submit the draft for review again after working through and obtaining the relevant documents.

The initiator from the south of the Arkhangelsk region intends to build in Velsk a factory for the production of standard perforated ceramic and facial bricks as an alternative to wooden house-building.
The purpose of the appeal to the ARDC is to solve the land issues for the future production and work out a part of the documents for obtaining the status "Priority Investment Project". During the consideration of the submitted documents, the meeting participants noted that the initiative needs to determine the strategy and sales plan, additional miscalculation of the finished goods market. The Committee decided to postpone the project "Velsky brick factory" for reconsideration taking into account the recommendations.

2000 cows
The project "Dairy complex for 2,000 cows with an appropriate train of repair youngsters and farmland for feed production" needs to be accompanied to solve land, financial and other issues. Also, the initiator intends to receive information support and the status of a «Priority investment project». As was noted during the discussion, the applicant does not have a business plan, while the volume of investments is 1.5 billion rubles. The initiator was invited to hold a working meeting with representatives of the ARDC to clarify a number of issues. Decision of the committee: to make this project for reconsideration.

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