The main focuses for the development of Onega as a single-industry city have been presented in "SKOLKOVO" these are SEA PORT, PELLETS AND ECO-TOURISM

The main focuses for the development of Onega as a single-industry city have been presented in "SKOLKOVO" these are SEA PORT, PELLETS AND ECO-TOURISM

24 july 2017

Onega is a monocity with a population of almost 20 thousand people. For the last five years the able-bodied population has decreased by 22%. About 30% of the population works in production in other areas, half of the young population leaves for training and further residence in other regions of Russia.

The city's monoprofile is the timber industry complex. In the revenues structure of the city budget the forestry complex is more than 23%. The suspension of the activities of the export-oriented city-forming enterprise - Onega woodworking plant and the continuing outflow of the able-bodied population can lead to a sharp reduction in the revenue side of the budget and the inability to meet the city's needs from within. As a consequence, in five years there will be a collapse of the single-industry town. In the project team opinion, it is possible to change the situation only by building a new image of the future single-industry town of Onega, as a cargo transportation hub, a global supplier of biofuels, a city that attracts tourists eager for an environmentally friendly place on the White Sea coast for year-round active recreation.

Key rates

For a short time at Skolkovo, the team designed three key development rates for the city - key development areas that include a group of interrelated projects.

"We expect to come to the image of the future by implementing key rates for the city's development - the seaport renovation, fuel pellet production development, creation of the year-round tourist eco-complex "The White Sea ", says Nikolai Ermoshko, the head of the Onezhsky district administration.

The first rate is "The seaport development". The port infrastructure has been preserved, which requires modernization and additional berthing facilities to expand logistics and increase sales markets for local enterprises: pellets, rubble, export sawnwood. The forecast turnover of the new port can reach more than 15 thousand tons of cargo per year. The implementation of the rate will create new jobs and generate additional revenues to the local budget, and the port service is a set of service companies from among SMEs.

The second rate is "Pellets production ". Today only black pellets are produced in Onega, they are exported, in particular, to France. The enterprise is interested in expanding the sales market, and also considers setting up the production of white pellets in order to join the strategy of switching to biofuel within the region and supply them to the domestic Russian market. The rate in the form of production expansion is possible due to the involvement of the resources of the Industrial Development Fund and Vnesheconombank, as well as the Single-industry cities Development Fund, in terms of creating the missing infrastructure working in the interests of the enterprise and the city.

The third rate is "Eco-Tourist Complex "White Sea". Participants "The city of Onega and the coast of the White Sea - it's space, clean air, shocking in the volume of ebbs and tides, granite rocks and sandy beaches. Today Onega accepts up to 10 thousand tourists, due to tourism attracts up to 50 million rubles to the economy of the city. The stake "Eco-complex" White Sea "is aimed at forming a new level of tourism economics with the participation of local investors and residents, creating a single complex, interconnected infrastructure, services and competencies for organizing year-round active recreation. We see the implementation of the rate by attracting the resources of local investors who are already actively implementing projects in the field of tourism, as well as SME support programs through the Federal SME Corporation, "Nikolay Ermoshko said.

The urban environment should work for the city

The new project has a cross-cutting theme that unites the new image of single-industry town of Onega as a seaport, as an environmentally friendly supplier of biofuels and a territory for active recreation at sea and ski slopes - this is the urban environment. It combines elements of directions in infrastructural and architectural solutions for the creation of public spaces, the development of a stylish line: if the benches are made of wood and in the form of, for example, a skateboard, if an art object is something with an anchor or another element Marine themes. This cross-cutting theme will allow tourists and guests coming to rest to understand that they have come to the city by the sea, with a year-round skiing complex where it is clean and pleasant to relax.

"This direction is one of the first possible rapid launches of the transformation of the image of Onega. Moreover, - says the first deputy director general of ARDC, team member Olga Gorelova, - within the framework of the forthcoming youth forum "Team29" in Onega, a separate team of young people will be working on designing specific architectural and art solutions for the city, activating the city life of events, Project case for the development of the urban environment of Onega, attractive for residents and tourists. Another task of the forum participants will be to identify which of the local producers, interesants and development institutions can provide materials or other resources in order to translate the developments into reality in partnership with local authorities. And we will start creating a new look of Onega. It is very important that the people themselves begin to join in this process, because only together and in the interests of their own and local stakeholders can create a comfortable space for living, communication and recreation in the city that can attract and inspire residents and visitors of the city. "

What's next?

The next step of the team following the results of the defense is the "packaging" of the portfolio of development projects in the framework of four rates to attract the resources of private investors, federal development institutions and programs. The Single-industry cities Development Fund is ready to consider financing the creation or modernization of facilities providing infrastructure, working for the needs of industrial enterprises, diversifying Onega's economy, and the city as a whole.

"This is the best project of all presented on the program. Unlike others, which are either fantastic or too mundane, the Onega project is realistic and feasible, all its three "stakes" are interesting and promising. But the project without people will not have success, it should be moved. Therefore, the team needs to be enlarged to include active citizens of the city who are interested in the transformation of Onega, "commented the head of the educational program of the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo Nikolay Verkhovsky.

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