The cluster participants

The cluster participants

The main tasks of Cluster Development Center of the Regional Development Agency:

  • providing participants cooperation in the territorial clusters of the Arkhangelsk Region and intercluster interaction;
  • project coordination for small and medium-sized business entities (SMEs) which are the territorial clusters participants;
  • creation of a permanent system of services for the territorial clusters participants;

We have two clusters in the Arkhangelsk Region:

  • timber industry cluster;
  • shipbuilding cluster.

Program support and participants engagement within the Arctic fisheries cluster of the Arkhangelsk Region remain under active development.

Cluster Development Center provides the territorial clusters participants with the following services:

  • Marketing researches;
  • Branding of the cluster participants product;
  • Organization and holding round table discussions for the cluster participants;
  • Conducting information campaigns for the cluster participants;
  • Preparation of business plans and technical and economic feasibility studies for the clusters participants;
  • Organization of participation in the exhibitions across the Russian Federation by SMEs which are the clusters participants;
  • Certification of the clusters participants product;
  • Organization of business missions.

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