Concessional loan

Concessional loan

Microcredit organization Arkhangelsk Regional Fund "Razvitie" (Microcredit organization "Razvitie") provides microloans to small and medium-sized business entities of the Arkhangelsk region.

The main goals and objectives of the Fund are:

  • To increase availability of a loan for small and medium-sized businesses;

  • To create, develope and strengthen a microfinance system;

  • To provide conditions for people to be self-employed and to implement their entrepreneurial initiatives.

A microloan is:

  • an amount from 30 thousand rubles to 5 million rubles given for a period from 3 months to 3 years;

  • monthly equal urgent payments (annuity payments) at a rate not exceeding the Bank of Russia key rate effective at the date of conclusion of the loan agreement;

  • lack of “commissions” and “hidden payments”;

  • concessionality by way of a grace period (only interest payment) depending on seasonal patterns and business conditions;

  • possibility of whole or partial prescheduled repayment of a loan without additional costs to the borrower.

Microloans in the amount of up to 500 thousand rubles inclusively may be provided without bond, under the guarantee of legal entities or individuals.

The Fund has the following annual rates on microloans, not exceeding the Bank of Russia current key rate:

  • for agricultural producers - 6.5%

  • for entrepreneurs in the rural tourism sphere- 6.75%

  • for SME subjects registered and operating in the territories of:
    • single-industry municipalities (single-industry towns) of the Arkhangelsk Region: the cities of Koryazhma, Novodvinsk, Onega, Severodvinsk, the villages of Kizema and Oktyabrsky (Ustyansky Raion), Severoonezhsk (Plesetskiy Raion) - 3.5%
    • Mezenskiy, Onezhskiy, Primorskiy Raions and Novaya Zemlya, which are included in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation - 6.75%

  • for local producers - SME subjects engaged in manufacturing - 6.75%

  • for SME subjects which perform operating activities in the collection, management, recycling and disposal of waste, as well as in the recycling of secondary raw materials - 5.5%

  • under the" Leasing-SME" program - 6.75%

  • for other categories of SME subjects - 7%.

Microcredit organization "Razvitie" exercises the functions and powers of the regional industrial development fund.

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